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    John Schroeter

    Energy harvesting is the process of collecting of energy from an array of environmental sources, both natural and artificial, most of which is otherwi
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    Bob, you have a bit of a good point there, but only if you presume that all we will ever build is old GEN II+ style plants. But even GEN III LWRs can load follow when beneficial, and the only thing that prevents it from being beneficial now is the extreme, needless cost added to the build cost due to fear-mongered regulations. That is beginning to change with GEN III+ reactors, and will be quite different with GEN IV reactors. For example, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors are expected to be about the same capital cost as coal plants but they will have much lower O&M costs and will be naturally load following.
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    faux bague or blanc cartier

    Ha and remember those gomers who made a really crappy edit with your version of the music of our EPIC video?

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